Máy bế tem Labeler Easy 160

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Máy bế tem Labeler Easy 160        INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH       Stainless steel fasteners and aluminium cast structure  Operating 24/7           DESIGN AND STATE-OF-THE-ART TE...

Máy bế tem Labeler Easy 160




  • Stainless steel fasteners and aluminium cast structure  
  • Operating 24/7 





  • Label reel housing fitted with a special inflexible fibreglass polymer disk  
  • Metallic black colour epoxy powder coating, scratch and corrosion proof  
  • Drive unit easy to open and totally  accessible to guarantee  quick operations  





  •  EASY 160 can apply  labels on  top, bottom,  in  front, on  the side and around  the corner  of the  product, and is  available  in  right or left hand versions  
  •  Label reel housing Ø 360mm  
  •  Limited linear space required  
  •  NON-STOP configuration available 




  • Limited  sharp  edges;  encased  or  button  head  screws,  reel  housing  and  liner 
  • Rewinder disks designed without holes for maximum safety 
  • Drive unit with “Dual Spring” and “Safe Opening System” 



  • Label reel housing diameter :     External reel max. 360mm, core 45 or 75mm 
  • Usable liner width :        Max. 160 mm, Min. 16 mm  
  • Dispensable label width :      Max. 156 mm  
  • Minimum gap between labels :         2 mm 
  • Max. dispensing speed :      20 meters / min (*) 
  • Labeling accuracy :                 +/- 1 mm  (**) 
  • Power Supply :        230V – 50 Hz or 110V e 60 Hz 


(*) effective application frequency depends on the dimensions and materials used for the  

     labels  and  liners, pitch between  products, and  type of  peeler/applicator  installed.  


(**) with a standard rigid peeler and state-of-the-art labels, contained within ± 1 mm).  


The machine frame includes : 

  • A  uminous  command   button  with  alarm  reset   and   test  dispensing  functions  
  • 3 multi-turn gain potentiometers with a mechanical block, for setting the labelling  speed, labelling point application delay and pre-dispensing. 

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